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Girls Names

Girls Names


Some pics I took of the Belfast band Girls Names is up now on The Thin Air website. Great night, there was even an encore.

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My exhibition ‘Peeps’ went off without any real hitches. I spent the night before writing my biography and my motivation until 6am. It took a long while, longer than I expected for such a small amount of words. So I was a little bit stressed when I got up later that day to know that I still had two more pictures to frame. When I did it was 2pm. I was to be at the Plockepinn at 3pm.  I had just enough time to shower before my very good friends arrived to help me carry these pictures across a snow covered town. It was a funny sight to see. Some of the people carrying the paintings, I had actually painted. It felt quite surreal. It looked like some sort of performance piece in itself. It reminded me of the Anthony Corbijn directed music video ‘Atmosphere’ by Joy Division. An instagram shot by Emelie Lidström will also illustrate what I mean.

When we arrived the look of shock on the cooks faces when a gang of Irish people storm into a closed restaurant in great spirits holding paintings was priceless. When the confusion subsided and the gang left it was time to hang ’em up. Cian ‘the human spirit level’ Burke stayed on and lent me his time and advice, I got them up with relative ease. I was pretty chuffed and proud of myself considering this time last year I had never even thought of having a website about my paintings let alone having my first exhibition. I’m so glad I’ve done it, my first solo achievement. I guess there are only two ways to go from here. I hope I go the right way.

Well thats pretty much what happend. Thanks for reading, if you got this far. If you are in the Malmö area and would like to view the paintings in person while eating tasty food in good company go to Plockepinn Restaurang, Bergsgatan 29, Malmö. Thanks again to everyone who helped out, I love you guys. KRAM!

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This is my latest of my friends Annica and Ida, which I titled Scream.

I am currently working on an exhibition of my paintings that I will be displaying in Malmö early next year. I take my inspirations from people in my life. I draw and paint from my own photographs.

‘Now, SCREAM!’
© Ian Pearce 2012

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