Family Portraits

I had a loan of some Bowen lights for a week. It was for a job taking some baby photos. I had so much fun with these, I’ve got to get my own. As I said before I had them all week and was messing around and then I realised I hadn’t used my Macro lens in a while. I set-up to try and capture my iris in detail, which I have always found fascinating. To capture my own iris took a long while. Very hit and miss. When I got the eyes down, I decided for posterity to get a nice photo of my moustache as I only just recently grew it back after a year sans. While editing the photos I came across the idea to put all three together to see what they look like and to me it looked great. Well the following morning I showed my wife who laughed and we decided there and then to get the family in on this. These were a lot faster since I was behind the camera. I hope you enjoy them.

A long time no Ian…

The Thin Air – Global Music & Culture

Hi all,

I haven’t updated my blog in a while. I took a break, due to the fact my wife giving birth to my baby boy. All is good and he’s growing quick. The exhibition was a success. I sold a few of my paintings and received positive response from the owners of the space and from the public. I will be getting back into my painting swing shortly. I have a few ideas and themes. Possibly I will paint in colour. We will see how they turn out.

In the meantime, I am currently working on my portfolio website for my photography work. Which I hope to have up in the next month. It will be hosted on Cargo Collective so expect a classy feel.

I have also recently joined up with as a contributing photographer. It’s a new global music and culture website based in Belfast, N. Ireland. My first feature was of the artist Jape recording in his studio in Malmö. I hope to do a lot more features in coming month. The link is above this post.

On a side note I’ve been busy cataloguing all my analogue photography. There is a lot to go through but you got to start sometime.

Up for the sun © Ian Pearce 2013

Up for the sun
© Ian Pearce 2013


My exhibition ‘Peeps’ went off without any real hitches. I spent the night before writing my biography and my motivation until 6am. It took a long while, longer than I expected for such a small amount of words. So I was a little bit stressed when I got up later that day to know that I still had two more pictures to frame. When I did it was 2pm. I was to be at the Plockepinn at 3pm.  I had just enough time to shower before my very good friends arrived to help me carry these pictures across a snow covered town. It was a funny sight to see. Some of the people carrying the paintings, I had actually painted. It felt quite surreal. It looked like some sort of performance piece in itself. It reminded me of the Anthony Corbijn directed music video ‘Atmosphere’ by Joy Division. An instagram shot by Emelie Lidström will also illustrate what I mean.

When we arrived the look of shock on the cooks faces when a gang of Irish people storm into a closed restaurant in great spirits holding paintings was priceless. When the confusion subsided and the gang left it was time to hang ’em up. Cian ‘the human spirit level’ Burke stayed on and lent me his time and advice, I got them up with relative ease. I was pretty chuffed and proud of myself considering this time last year I had never even thought of having a website about my paintings let alone having my first exhibition. I’m so glad I’ve done it, my first solo achievement. I guess there are only two ways to go from here. I hope I go the right way.

Well thats pretty much what happend. Thanks for reading, if you got this far. If you are in the Malmö area and would like to view the paintings in person while eating tasty food in good company go to Plockepinn Restaurang, Bergsgatan 29, Malmö. Thanks again to everyone who helped out, I love you guys. KRAM!

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Playing Hard and Fast

I took this photo a while back of my friend John Dermodys hands directly after coming off stage at a gig by his band the Jimmy Cake. He is a top drummer who hits the skins hard. This particular night he was playing like a metronome, nearly in a trance. He was playing so hard that his knuckles were bleeding. I really liked the photo it just seemed so rock and roll to me. It has it all.

I’m not sure if I’ll put this in the exhibition as I don’t think it would fit with all the portraits. I might put it in another one that I am planning which will be more on the theme of parties, night life and music. Which will I guess be a distant memory for me soon as I’ll be a daddy. That’s not saying I won’t be partying again in my life, but it’ll be a rare occasion.

If you are interested in independent music you should check out The Jimmy Cake they are a stalwart of the Dublin music scene. I was in a band called the Connect Four Orchestra in the early 2000’s and we all came up at the same time, along with The Redneck Manifesto, Large Mound, Daemien Frost, Warlords of Pez and The Dudley Corporation. They were good times. It was a really creative time, the nearest thing to my own Madchester/Summer of Love/CBGB’s. I was proud to be part of it, and I met most of my friends during those days. I hope to one day play in a band again. We will see.

The Jimmy Cake are currently looking for funding for the release of their fifth album. If you love independent music and want to help out some artists trying to release a record in these hard economic times then please donate towards their albums release on their fundit page. Thanks for reading.

It feels like a diary post this time.

Watercolour & Ink on 36cm x 51cm Cotton 300g/m² heavyweight paper

© Ian Pearce 2013

© Ian Pearce 2013

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This is a painting of my lovely wife Kristina. The photo was taken on New Years Eve just before we were to go out and celebrate. As always she looked stunning. We took a load of photos at that time to show off her bump. She is over 8 1/2 months pregnant which you wouldn’t notice from this. It is true what they say about pregnant women, they do tend to have a special glow.

This would perhaps be a painting I was most nervous about doing, as you don’t want to make a mess of it as there is nothing more scary than the rage of a pregnant woman. Not that she would be angry mind, as she is my biggest supporter of my work with never a bad word said,  but I did want to make sure it was perfect for her as she is to me.

Watercolour & Ink on 36cm x 51cm Cotton 300g/m² heavyweight paper

© Ian Pearce 2013

© Ian Pearce 2013

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This is another painting of a previous from last year. It is of a friend of mine from Sweden, her name is Astrid. She is a very photogenic girl. This photo was taken while she was in the middle of a game of mini ping-pong hence the look of concentration. I am very pleased with this one, as when you put it side by side with the previous painting you can physically see the progress I have made in my work in little under a year.

Its getting closer, my exhibition. Got to get my frames sorted out. eek

Watercolour & Ink on 36cm x 51cm Cotton 300g/m² heavyweight paper


© Ian Pearce 2013

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What’s a-crack-a-lackin’?

This is a redux of a painting I did previously. I don’t have the original on this site. The difference being that it is larger scale and that I learnt a bit more since doing the last one. Plus it will fit nicer with the other paintings in my exhibition at Plockepinn at the end of this month.

The painting is of my good friend Matty B. An ex-pat who lives here in Sweden. Together with his girlfriend/partner Emelie, they run a top design company called M&E. Check them out if you have time.

If anybody wishes to commission a painting or buy one please contact me, the link is up there at the top.

Watercolour & Ink on 36cm x 51cm Cotton 300g/m² heavyweight paper

© Ian Pearce 2013

© Ian Pearce 2013

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A quite late Merry Christmas

It’s the thought that counts :/


© Ian Pearce 2012

Little ‘Sister’

So after over a month long hiatus from painting due to a visit to Ireland and pure laziness, I got back into the swing and have done a portrait of one of my best mates Annica. The painting is based on probably the best photo I have of her, as she has a tendency to pull faces when the camera is out. I got lucky and got striking portrait of her. She has got amazing eyes and the longest eyelashes of anyone I know. It’s called Little ‘Sister’ as she is one of my closest female friends here in Sweden and anywhere in the world and I love her as a sister. We fight as bad siblings do, which I must add.

I am working towards an exhibition of my paintings in January and to balance up the genders I added this. I think the break did me a world of good as I am pretty proud of this one in particular.

Watercolour & Ink on 36cm x 51cm Cotton 300g/m² heavyweight paper

© Ian Pearce 2012