My name is Ian Pearce and I’m an Irish photographer working and living in Malmö, Sweden.

My inspirations come from the people in my life, the experiences and my surroundings which I try to capture in my photography. Which in turn inspires me to recreate that feeling and maybe discover new ones in my paintings. I paint mainly in black and white as I feel it translates to the viewer that this image came from a photograph.

I run my own company now here in Malmö. I am a camera for hire. I have worked the past 10 years in the field of Design, working in the packaging and advertising industries gaining knowledge and crafting my trade. I have photographed now over 5 years using my experience in advertising and packaging. I have been slowly over that time been building my own portable studio which I can bring with me and virtually shoot anywhere. If you wish to use my services please contact me and we can discuss how I can help you.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Ivan Yuja says:

    Hello Ian, my name is Iván, I am from Nicaragua. I was looking around for some images to build myself a logo for my website, and I came across with your website. And I found your camera logo, the one in the upper banner. I would like to know if you hold the copyrights for this image, and if so, I would like to use it (modifying a bit) the image. I’ll publish in my website that you hold the rights on the camera image if you let me use it.

    My web site is http://www.chimichangas.org (right now is still under construction), hope to have it online really soon.

    Hope to hear from you

    Iván Yuja

    • beaner2579 says:

      Hi Ivan,
      Thanks for your interest in my logo. Yes I own the copyright to the camera image. It’s my own sketch of a Canonet QL17 that I own. I would not wish to give you permission to use this particular image but if you want I can draw you the logo you want for a small fee.

      Thanks again

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