Family Portraits

I had a loan of some Bowen lights for a week. It was for a job taking some baby photos. I had so much fun with these, I’ve got to get my own. As I said before I had them all week and was messing around and then I realised I hadn’t used my Macro lens in a while. I set-up to try and capture my iris in detail, which I have always found fascinating. To capture my own iris took a long while. Very hit and miss. When I got the eyes down, I decided for posterity to get a nice photo of my moustache as I only just recently grew it back after a year sans. While editing the photos I came across the idea to put all three together to see what they look like and to me it looked great. Well the following morning I showed my wife who laughed and we decided there and then to get the family in on this. These were a lot faster since I was behind the camera. I hope you enjoy them.

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