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M&E Four Eyes Exhibition

My good friends of M&E (Mathew Bolger & Emelie Lidström) had their first solo exhibition in Malmö on June 7th at Galleri Rostrum. It runs for the whole month of June. If you are in the area please head down as there are some great pieces on display and for sale. Particular favorites are the Masks triptych and the Diysco installation. I was lucky enough to get to photograph the pieces plus the opening, but nothing beats seeing them in reality. The gallery is below. Bands playing were Bodebrixen from Denmark and Goodtime from Ireland. A great interview is to be found by the couple on Thin Air.

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Family Portraits

I had a loan of some Bowen lights for a week. It was for a job taking some baby photos. I had so much fun with these, I’ve got to get my own. As I said before I had them all week and was messing around and then I realised I hadn’t used my Macro lens in a while. I set-up to try and capture my iris in detail, which I have always found fascinating. To capture my own iris took a long while. Very hit and miss. When I got the eyes down, I decided for posterity to get a nice photo of my moustache as I only just recently grew it back after a year sans. While editing the photos I came across the idea to put all three together to see what they look like and to me it looked great. Well the following morning I showed my wife who laughed and we decided there and then to get the family in on this. These were a lot faster since I was behind the camera. I hope you enjoy them.