Playing Hard and Fast

I took this photo a while back of my friend John Dermodys hands directly after coming off stage at a gig by his band the Jimmy Cake. He is a top drummer who hits the skins hard. This particular night he was playing like a metronome, nearly in a trance. He was playing so hard that his knuckles were bleeding. I really liked the photo it just seemed so rock and roll to me. It has it all.

I’m not sure if I’ll put this in the exhibition as I don’t think it would fit with all the portraits. I might put it in another one that I am planning which will be more on the theme of parties, night life and music. Which will I guess be a distant memory for me soon as I’ll be a daddy. That’s not saying I won’t be partying again in my life, but it’ll be a rare occasion.

If you are interested in independent music you should check out The Jimmy Cake they are a stalwart of the Dublin music scene. I was in a band called the Connect Four Orchestra in the early 2000’s and we all came up at the same time, along with The Redneck Manifesto, Large Mound, Daemien Frost, Warlords of Pez and The Dudley Corporation. They were good times. It was a really creative time, the nearest thing to my own Madchester/Summer of Love/CBGB’s. I was proud to be part of it, and I met most of my friends during those days. I hope to one day play in a band again. We will see.

The Jimmy Cake are currently looking for funding for the release of their fifth album. If you love independent music and want to help out some artists trying to release a record in these hard economic times then please donate towards their albums release on their fundit page. Thanks for reading.

It feels like a diary post this time.

Watercolour & Ink on 36cm x 51cm Cotton 300g/m² heavyweight paper

© Ian Pearce 2013

© Ian Pearce 2013

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4 thoughts on “Playing Hard and Fast

  1. diplah says:

    That’s just brilliant, Ian, cheers for the shout out too.

  2. diplah says:

    Reblogged this on and commented:
    Beaner’s portrait of John’s hands. Sublime.

  3. Logan says:

    did you paint this from memory? ha ha like it dude

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