What’s a-crack-a-lackin’?

This is a redux of a painting I did previously. I don’t have the original on this site. The difference being that it is larger scale and that I learnt a bit more since doing the last one. Plus it will fit nicer with the other paintings in my exhibition at Plockepinn at the end of this month.

The painting is of my good friend Matty B. An ex-pat who lives here in Sweden. Together with his girlfriend/partner Emelie, they run a top design company called M&E. Check them out if you have time.

If anybody wishes to commission a painting or buy one please contact me, the link is up there at the top.

Watercolour & Ink on 36cm x 51cm Cotton 300g/m² heavyweight paper

© Ian Pearce 2013

© Ian Pearce 2013

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