Bertil & Broken Glasses

This is an illustration of my father-in-law wearing his freshly broken glasses. He realised they were gone while getting on the bus. The said bus flattened them. When we found them near the bus stop  I asked him to put them on so that I could get his portrait. I love his defeated expression.

This is my second attempt at cross hatching. My technique is not the best, very messy and non-uniform. But I felt I got some nice shading towards the end. I especially like along the neck. Finding it difficult to maintain the same line length, distance and angle. My arm freezes up or spasms sometimes (not sure whats wrong there). But I do feel I’m getting some progress and understanding, and from what I’ve learnt from this painting I feel the next one will be much better.

Ink on 220g/m² A3 Heavyweight Paper

© Ian Pearce 2012

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