Price of Austerity

I miss Ireland, my friends and family. The humour, the culture, the people. These are the great things about Ireland. It’s not like anywhere I have been before or since.


The longer I live away from Ireland the more I read about it, the more it depresses me. The all-round scandals in the church, the selling off of our oil & gas reserves, the corrupt government, the debt, the banks. There are so many things wrong in the workings of Ireland. Mainly high up at the unattainable. How this fairly new country was ripped apart and sold for greed. It saddens me that what my grandparents fought for nearly one hundred years ago was for nothing. It saddens me more that the people I love have to struggle on, paying hand over fist with no end in sight. To pay the coffers of the people who themselves are destroying a beautiful country of extraordinary talent and potential. To have Enda Kenny TD, our Taoiseach, on the cover of Time magazine as our hero is a crude slap in the face. We need change.

Price of Austerity
© Ian Pearce 2012

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