Hands of Fire

The original image was taken from a photo-shoot I did for my friend Richie Egans band, Jape, in mid-2011. We took a bunch of promotional photographs in his back yard in his old house in Rathmines, Dublin. This one was used mainly to promote a single he released online that year called Hands of Fire. The B-side to that release is one of my personal favorite tracks of his and if you want to give the album a listen go here. Incidentally, I also took the photograph that is on the cover of the record.

The hand in the picture is mine. The idea of the photo came naturally. At the time I didn’t have a tripod or lights. So I had to work quickly to use the natural light of the sun behind me. Lining up the hand to the face while giving a bit of glint in his eye was difficult. But we got it in the end. One photograph in particular was pretty out there, spooky in fact. I might just paint that one too.

‘Hands of Fire’
© Ian Pearce 2012

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